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Poster Presentation Guidelines

Schedule and Guidelines for Poster Presentations

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee of APDW 2015, we would like to extend our gratitude to all authors in the poster presentation.
Please refer to the following instructions for your preparation of posters.

  • All poster presentation should be in English.
  • The text, figures, etc should be clear enough to be read from a distance of two meters (six feet). Color can be effective if used sparingly. It is recommended to use saturated dark color on white background, or rich, bright colors on dark backgrounds.
  • The usable surface where posters will be mounted is 100 cm wide x 200 cm high. Your poster will be displayed vertically, and suggestive size for your poster is 90 cm wide x 120 cm high.
  • Posters can be fixed using double-sided tape. However, it is recommended to bring your own suppliers in case they might not be sufficiently available for all of the presenters.
  • Audiovisual equipment will not be available for poster presentations.
  • Poster ID will be placed on the upper part of each poster board.
  • Authors’ names, affiliations and countries should be included on the poster. The title should be the same as the one in your abstract.
  • All posters should be brought by the presenter. Please do not send your poster by mail.
  • There will be no printing facility at the conference venue. It is recommended that you hand-carry your poster to the venue, using tubular packaging or a portfolio case. Costs associated with creating and shipping the poster display will be the responsibility of the presenters.
  • Presenters must remove your posters during the designated tear-down period. Otherwise, your posters will be removed and disposed.
  • It is our policy that the author must present the Poster Presentation in person. If this is not possible, please nominate a co-author and let us know by November 6, 2015.
  • Schedule for Poster set-up, tear-down and poster presentation is as follow
  • Poster Session Poster ID Set-up time Tear-down time
    Poster Session I
    December 4

    E-001 ─ E-129

    G-001 ─ G-102

    L-001 ─ L-052

    S-001 ─ S-014

    December 4
    December 4
    Poster Session II
    December 5

    E-130 ─ E-256

    G-103 ─ G-200

    L-054 ─ L-116

    S-015 ─ S-027

    December 5
    December 5
    Poster Session III
    December 6

    E-257 ─ E-368

    G-201 ─ G-294

    L-117 ─ L-171

    S-028 ─ S-041

    December 6
    December 6


    All presenters must be fully registered for the conference. Please note that you cannot present without registering for the conference.

    Conference Secretariat

    Ms. Anita Lin

    +886-2-8780-5688 #133

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